Journal / Näyttely dining table by Hiort af Ornäs
Näyttely dining table by Hiort af Ornäs
The reissued Näyttely dining table is a 1950s classic that embodies Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs’ love for wood and meticulous finishing, right down to the finest detail.

Hiort af Ornäs designed the Näyttely dining table in 1955 as part of a standard furniture collection with the same name, for use in Finnish embassies around the world. The streamlined, minimalist Näyttely dining table was in continuous production until the late 1960s, after which it remained in our archive, awaiting its comeback. We are excited to relaunch the Näyttely table now, in honour of Hiort af Ornäs’ 110th anniversary year.

Minimalism is a skill that Hiort af Ornäs mastered supremely. With the Näyttely table, he aimed at a balance between simple, streamlined form and thought-out detail. The minimalist design language of the table anticipates the new decade and has a timeless appeal in the 2020s.

As an interior architect, Hiort af Ornäs wanted to design products that would be suitable for spaces and interiors in various styles. Modifiability was another key criterion. In accordance with the original design drawings, the Näyttely table is available in several lengths. The dining table is available in two versions, one with a solid and one with an extendable top. It can be conveniently extended to its full size to cater for dinners with friends, family occasions, or children’s parties. Thanks to the extensions, the longest version is extendable to up to four metres, to comfortably accommodate even a large group at the same table.

As an interior architect, Hiort af Ornäs wanted to design products that would be suitable for spaces and interiors in various styles.

Wood was the designer’s passion and favourite material. Like his Danish colleagues, he worked in seamless cooperation with cabinetmakers. Highly skilful craftsmanship is reflected in the details of the Näyttely table, making it unique. The horizontal veneer on the tabletop accentuates the surface and creates an interesting contrast with the table’s austere profile.

Still today, every Näyttely table is handcrafted by our cabinetmakers in our workshop in Hollola, in southern Finland, faithfully in line with the designer’s principles. Hiort af Ornäs was a perfectionist, aiming at perfection also in the finishing of the products. Even today, we are particularly proud of the horizontal veneer on the tabletop. The tabletop, made of veneer that is thicker than usual, is wear-resistant and can even be repaired if necessary. Since each Näyttely table is bespoke and made to order, the veneering of the extendable top parts is made from only one batch of veneer. In this way, the grain pattern on the tabletop continues beautifully from end to end, even when the extension leaves are in use. The extension leaves also have a similar apron with the tabletop so that the silhouette of the table remains uninterrupted.

Hiort af Ornäs never compromised on traditional craftsmanship, but was still eager to make use of innovations in his work. In this spirit, we have added new technology to the Näyttely table. When the dining table is extended, the premium quality extension mechanism of steel runners and ball bearings guarantees flawless ease of use.

The Näyttely dining table, with its timeless yet topical design, will bring friends and relatives together at the same table from one generation to the next.