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Ornäs Heritage Collection
Design Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs

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Leg structure
Dimensions: W 130, 150, 180, 200, 300 cm D 50 cm

Dimensions W 130, 150, 180, 200 or 300 cm D 22 cm

Dimensions: W 17.5 cm
H 25, 32 or 45 cm D 22 cm


Leg structure
Wood options: Birch, oak, mahogany or walnut

Wood option: Birch painted white

Wood option: Birch painted white

Välipala shelf unit designed in the late 1950s insightfully showcases Hiort af Ornäs’ aim for highly individual design. The name means “snack” in Finnish, referring to the middle blocks that can be freely arranged between the shelves to create unique combinations. Also the number of shelves and height and width of the unit can be adjusted to one’s heart’s content.

Re-issued in autumn 2020, the light and airy, ingenuous design stems from sophisticated, carefully thought-out solutions. The middle blocks taper towards the front, which creates a lovely interplay of light and shadow. The discreet details form an elegant backdrop that accentuates displayed books and treasured objects.

The handcrafted shelves are available in several widths, making the shelf unit adaptable for larger and smaller rooms alike. You can easily reassemble and extend the shelf unit and rearrange the divisions.
The shelf unit suits different areas of the home from the living room to the children’s room. It is also a stylish and practical solution for offices.

Hiort af Ornäs designed Välipala as a storage solution for modern homes. It turned out to be much more: the unique design and elegant finishes have sealed its status as a timeless classic.


Välipala 3D photos 


High-quality Ornäs furniture is made to last. The iconic Finnish classics are characterized by their timeless design coupled with uncompromising quality and unique craftsmanship.

We have exclusive rights to the manufacture of furniture designed by Carl-Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs. Many of the pieces received their form decades ago. The legacy also continues in Ornäs furniture designed today.

Ornäs furniture is handcrafted at its own workshop in Hollola, Finland, using the finest materials. Each piece is created with respect to the present and future.